What's CAVE Ministries?

CAVE stands for Creation Account Versus Evolution. Founded in 2002, CAVE seeks to do just that. To give the account for Creation and to fight off the lies of Evolution that is poisoning our society.

From the inception of CAVE Ministries, we have always held the goal of not just providing information, but showing people the truth of what is going on around us. There is a WAR going on and we need to be not only AWARE of the war, but armed with WEAPONS to battle in the war.

Our Mission Is:

1.To Strengthen the belief in the Bible as the Holy, Inerrant Word of God.

2.To get the unbeliever saved through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

3.To awaken the sleeping Christian and Church and prepare them so this soon coming rapture of the Bride of Christ.

CAVE Ministries does not engage in debates but has dedicated our time to teaching and answering questions concerning the teaching of creation, God's Word, and the soon coming of our Savior.

If you had any questions, would like to set up an event, or to invite us into your church gathering, please feel free to contact us. We do teachings, sermons, and outdoor/indoor events with many entertainment features. Check out our Events Features page and Book Us! page for more details!