The Flood

Basic Things About The Flood

1. There are over 270 different stories about a global flood that occurred-is there any question it really happened?

2. The Grand Canyon was formed by a mass amount of water (post flood) rushing through it-basically a breach of a large dam (the mountain)

3. The fact about the Grand Canyon is that the river could not have formed it because rivers cant flow uphill (over 4000' to the top of the mountain)

4. The ocean basins and many mountains were formed by the water busting out of the inner earth

5. The rain alone did not incur the flood, the Bible tells us that the fountains of the deep broke loose and this flooded the earth.

6. Evolutionists deny the flood, but then again they have to because then they would not have enough time for evolution to have occurred.

7. If only 8 people survived the flood, and they did, then the population today would also confirm the flood happened about 4400 years ago.

Signs of a Flood

Atop Mount Everest, they found petrified clams in closed position. In peru they found 600 pound claims petrified in closed position. When clams die they open.

During the water gush from the depths of the earth. Hot Pressurized water gushing out of the cracks instantly kill the fish. Diatomaceous earth is created by thousand years of dying Diatoms. They are so small, you can use them to kill insects around your house because it gets stuck in the pores of their bodies. In Lompoc California, they have Diatomaceous earth 1500 feet thick. They find trillions of fossils. In 1976 they found an 80 foot long whale. If it takes thousands of years to get an inch of Diatomaceous earth, why would a whale be fossilized upright in 80 feet of it? It happens Lompoc is near a fault line and the heat from the gushing water of the flood would kill them and they would pour to the bottom, making this effect quickly.

After 40 days and 40 nights the Mountains arose, and the Valleys sank down. The crust of the earth is about 30 miles thick under the continents, and only 3-5 miles thick under the oceans. The thin areas sunk and the thick areas arose. Erosion was quick. All over the world you can see tons of signs of the world wide flood. However, scientists want you to believe it took millions of years. While the evidence that similar erosion can take days, or even hours, are endless.

Huge whirlpool effects of the waters would cause large mudslides and blended groupings of animal fossils. In Africa they have a formation of (est.) 800 Billion skeletons. 4 small hoofed mammals in Nebraska were fossilized in swimming position. Petrifying does not take millions of years. There's tons of examples of this.

Bent rock layers can be found all over the world. This shows signs of massive earth being pushed and lifted. Many mountains are found with bent shape formations and skewed positions. They contain no cracks, they were bent while soft during the flood, otherwise they would have fractured or cracked.


Fossils have been found for many centuries by different scientists. The fact is they are here, but the problem comes in the interpretation of them. Dating methods are very inaccurate, and why do they think a fossil can tell us something a living animal can't? They are also found in different layers, how is that possible?

1. Fossils are categorized and dated, many times according to the layer of rock they are found in-this is absurd!

2. The layers of rock were formed by a huge amount of water (the flood would answer this) and settled according to factors like weight and intelligence, among others.

3. They say the fossils are dated according to the layer of rock they are in and the layers of rock are dated according to the fossils that are in them-this is circular reasoning and again is absurd!

4. Carbon 14 dating is not any good past about 35,000 years but is contingent on knowing the original amount of C14 in the fossil and verifying the "decay rate" has stayed the same-both of which can not be proven scientifically .

5. The only thing we know for sure about fossils are that they lived and they died. Beyond that everything is guess work. We don't know if it had a mother or father, brothers or sisters, if it had babies-nothing.

6. Evolutionists continually try to convince us that fossils tell us so very much, but it is all based on assumptions, and sometimes a good imagination, as is C14 dating.

Fossil Record and Layers

The layers of fossils in the fossil record are not organized the way the text books claim. During the flood, there was several factors that sorted the fossils. Even with this sorting, there is a lot of groupings, mixing, and odds and end placement. This disproves the theory of evolution being proved by a so called fossil record. The layers were sorted in such a way due to mud movement, water vacuums, currents, and more. Habitat could play a part, such as clams being at the bottom due to that being where they lived. Naturally they would be buried first. Their Habitat, Intelligence, Mobility, and Body Density could all come into play.

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