Pre-Flood World

The Pre-Flood world was very different from ours today. There was very few seas, no rain, mostly land, plants and vegetation everywhere, and dinosaurs living with mankind.

1. God created the firmament (heavens) and it separated the waters under the firmament from the waters above the firmament. This tells us there was water on earth and water between our atmosphere and outer space (the second heaven). Water that cold would have been frozen into a thin layer which is known as the "canopy theory." This would have blocked all harmful rays to all parts of the earth.

2. The earth was fully inhabitable and man was meant to fill it from pole to pole. All of earth was a wonderful place to live.

3. There was plenty of plants and trees to produce all of the coal we see today (the flood took care of that).

4. All of this vegetation also produced plenty of food for both man and beast to eat.

5. The people lived longer because they had nothing to harm their bodies and the food was much purer and healthier.

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