Post Flood

How the World's Continents Became Populated

When Noah got off the ark, the continents were larger than they were today. The oceans were smaller because there was still ice at the north and south pole. If you froze a good chunk of the earth's water and stuck it on the north and south pole it's going to lower the ocean level. England would not be an island if the water was a little lower. Deepest point of the English channel is 150 feet. You could walk to Ireland and Iceland right after the flood. Between Alaska and Russia the water is only 60 feet deep. if you lower the waters slightly, everything is connected. If the oceans were 10% deeper, half of America would be under water. The world is pretty smooth.

Florida used to be gigantic, probably stretched to the continental shelf. You used to be able to walk to Cuba. The golf of Mexico could have filled in hundreds of years later. The oceans filling up would pour into the Golf of Mexico causing the grooves around Cuba.

Mobile and Pensacola Bays are generally less than 7 feet deep. Between Australia and Vietnam the water is only 30-40-50 feet deep. After some time the animals would have migrated away from the point of the Ark's landing. Less aggressive animals leading the pack. Then after time, the waters would rise and cause them to be trapped in areas like Australia. Kangaroo fossils can be found elsewhere, they just didn't survive in those areas with predators.