Lies of Evolution

#1 The Grand Canyon was formed by the flood not the Colorado river.

#2 The Geologic Column exists no where on earth, only in our textbooks.

#3 Circular Reasoning says the rocks date the fossils and the fossils date the rocks - absurd!

#4 Index Fossils have been used for dating and now we are finding these “extinct” fossils alive like the Lobed Fin Fish.

#5 Layers of rock are ages of the earth. Then why like in the Grand Canyon is there no erosion between the layers? The layers were formed by a catastrophic flood about 4400 years ago.

#6 Natural Selection causes evolution—this is an absurd lie. Natural selection only selects—it doesn’t create anything!

#7 Similar design in limbs of animals, fish, and man verifies evolution—this again is absurd! It shows a common designer that designed everything to do what is is supposed to do for its habitat and lifestyle.

#8 Babies are not human at conception is a lie created and established in hell itself. This is the reason we have so many debates on abortion. Gill slits started it and the fact is humans DON’T HAVE GILL SLITS! They are folds the form part of our face, throat, and inner ear. Humans are human at conception and abortion is murder! But if you have been involved in an abortion we want you to know Jesus Christ will still forgive your sin, and save you, if you only repent and confess it to Him.

#9 Vestigal Organs are a lie of evolution. They have found certain organs and tell us how they used to be something else like the appendix or the tail bone. These are vital organs to your body and the tail bone NEVER harnessed a tail.

Dangers of Evolution

1. Our children are taught they came from a rock or a monkey and they have no self value or self worth anymore.

2. In the early 1900’s we had laws banning the teaching of evolution and we enjoyed better values and morals.

3. Now we teach anything in the schools and give our children no more value than and earthworm (you just hook and fish with them).

4. Good school programs are “opt in” and bad programs are “opt out” counting and the fact the kids wont get a parental letter signed.

5. Communism holds fast to evolution as its primary source of knowledge (which isn't knowledge at all).

6. Racism holds fast to evolution as its primary religion.

7. Humanism holds evolution s its foundational philosophy.

8. If evolution were true (and it isn’t) then:

-Who owns the world? (man would be his own god)

-Who makes the rules? (man would make his own)

-How do we decide right from wrong? (no foundation)

-If man is god (humanism), the strongest make the rules—Might makes Right!

-There would be no absolute for right from wrong.