Ida the Fake 'Link'

During the month of May 09, a scientist came to the media with a claim that he has discovered the "Missing Link" that ties together our Evolution. The media quickly ate up the story and blasted it all over the air waves. They repeat over and over the same thing, "missing link discovered" and "Darwin was right!."

Well, sorry this is actually lies. The media has hyped something that has no evidence or background at all. CAVE Ministries and scientific community itself quickly got to researching. Here's what Ida is all about.

Jorn Hurum and his museum purchased the fossil from seller from a market behind close doors. Once getting it back to their museum, videos capture their claiming of it being what will "Get us into the text books!" Odd claim to make before even breaking the seal.

Immediately he produced a group of scientists to examine it in secretsy. After 2 years, they brought it to the medias attention, of which hyped the story to enormous proportions. Jorn claimed have evidence that the fossil was the "Missing Link that Supported Darwin's Theory of Evolution."

What evidence we ask? A small bone fragment at the base of the ankle connecting to the foot, that supposidly is similar to humans.

Yes, that's it, and upon other's examining that bone similarity we get mixed responses. Some asking "How was this diagram fabricated from a crushed side-to-side fossil?" and responding that it's "in no way similar."

Based on many statements and observers, none of the original group but one actually claimed it was a missing link found for the evolution theory. The rest claimed it was a Lemur. This man bringing up that it's only reason for not being a lemur was it's lack of a claw on it's toe and a set of lower front teeth. Both of which could easily be missed as the fossil is crushed to where only the back side teeth are recognizable and one leg is missing.

So a deformed lemur becomes a human relative because it's got a obscure and no where near similar bone in it's foot? A pure joke and lie to the people of this world. Fabricated to reintroduce Darwinism in an attempt to save it's failing theories. They even compared it to Lucy, which is a laughing stock to the scientific community.

According to scientists, this has become a laughing stock. Apparently they skipped the entire scientific process, splashed it to the media, and called it a day. The only people believing the nonsense being atheist groups that wish to discredit creationism and the media who are trying to be the first to announce a 'great' find.

In conclusion I leave with a quote and an interview.


40 year celular biology and anatomy expert

Unknown Quoted:

Ida is a scientific embarrassment. It's a deformed lemur. Evolutionists who were desperate to promote the re-release of Darwin's Origin of Species book this year publicly unveiled yet another "False Association" which is now turning into a scandal within the science community. Battered by 150 years of elaborate hoaxes and imaginative reconstructions which were fallaciously substituted as evidence, this is yet another attempt by evolutionists to market fraudulent claims to the highest bidder.

Scientists around the world have already identified this as a Lemur. The video information people have duplicated all over Youtube is antiquated and outdated. Those scientists failed to get their research peer reviewed before they waged their marketing campaign.

If there are so many transitional forms in the fossil record why all the hoopla? There are only merely speculations.