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Here are some articles that show the wonders of creation, love of God, and wonder of His Word. If you're feeling down and torn by the world, seek God and then check out this page. He and they will lift you up.

Fine Tuned Universe

"You walk up to what you think is an abandoned cabin. As you approach you hear your favorite song and think 'Well, that's a coincidence.' But then you walk up, open the door, and smell your favorite meal. Then you walk up and see your favorite book on the counter. You see shoes that match your size, your favorite movies, favorite food in the refrigerator. Just hearing the sounds, you might think coincidence, but as you get closer. More and more so call 'coincidences', you would conclude that someone was expecting your arrival. This could not have happened by chance.

Well, similarly, scientists have found in just the past 2 decades that the universe as a whole is in many ways like that cabin. Dr. Mire(?) eluded to this, what he called the fine tuning of the universe. The laws of physics. And what the means is there are certain laws of physics that make the universe habitable for life in the first place. And they exist on a narrow thin edge. Some would say it's on a knife's edge. That if it moved one way or another life would become impossible. In fact Paul Davis(?), an acclaimed physicist from Arizona State, he says the idea that life exists on a knife's edge doesn't even do it justice because no knife in the universe could be that fine.

So the question is how fine tuned does the universe have to be. If the universe varied by one grain of sand in mass, life in the universe would be impossible. So the excuisite fine tuning, to me, points to a cosmic fine tuner, or mind."

-Sean McDowell -Link To Video

Perspective of Love

The other planets and the stars of our galaxy show us how small we are. This shows the perspective of love God has for us. That no matter how small we are, his love is bigger than the universe he spoke into existance.

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All Designs Require a Designer

"Say you're walking through a forest and come across a tree with a portrait hung on it. You know for sure that someone painted it. Next you are on the beach and you see 'Billy Loves Sue' written with rocks in the sand. You can draw the conclusion that Billy or Sue wrote that. That neither just happened by random. The universe itself in itself is not a random happening. It's impossible and a joke. The very fine line our planet, environment, and life sets on is proof we are not here by chance. Something this amazing was put here by a creator. Every design requires a designer."