Gap Theory

1. The word "day" is mentioned 2301 times in the old testament and yet it is only questioned in Genesis-WHY?

2. The word "day" is the Hebrew word "Yom" which when put with a qualifier like "first" ALWAYS means a 24 hour period according to Hebrew experts.

3. Other places in the Bible talk about a 6 day creation.

4. Millions of years between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2 would have put death before Adam but the Bible says Adams sin brought death into the world.

5. God looked at His creation on day 6 and saw all of it was good. How is this possible if Lucifer had fallen by then which is taught in the Day Age theory?

6. 6 day creation has been taught for thousands of years in the church but only in the last 200 years has this theory came up-when did we get so smart?