Hovind Theory

There was a canopy of water above the earth, and under the crust (Psalms 24:1-2, 33:7, 136:6). There's still water chambers under the earth's crust. Some still being discovered. Noah, hearing the Lord, went into the Ark. A 300 Degree below zero ice meteor comes flying through space and starts to crack up. Some break off and cause rings and craters on other planets. Ice craters show the signs of the meteor strike, but no evidence of what hit it. At least 4 planets have rings, not just rock rings, but ice and rock.

As this section of the comet, or the tail of the comet got close to the earth it would be sucked in by the magnetic pull. Mainly to the poles because of the magnetic field. Some fragments mainly big ones elsewhere. The craters still being visible today, perhaps slightly eroded however such as the Quebec and Canadian Crater. Super cold ice is easily statically charged. After this large amount of ice landed on our poles, it tilted our axis, cracked the surface of the earth, released the fountains of the deep, and breaking the canopy from above due to cold fronts from the meteor.

Scientists have discovered that there's large amounts of ice still hitting the earth all the time. Earth gets clobbered by ice chunks as large as a house. It melts in space and comes down as moisture. This is remnant ice from the meteor during the time of the flood. In the north sea there's an island called the New Siberian Islands. On this island they have found frozen bobcat, camels, bison, mammoths, and more. Camels are as big as 15 feet tall. Why would they be there? The earth not being as tilted as it is today, probably had very small ice caps. In Antarctica, they core drilled and found coal, trees, palm leaves, dinosaurs and footprints, preserved leaves, frozen bones, and more. A lot of these also in Alaska.

When the meteor had landed, some areas started to snow. So much that it would bury mammoths standing up. They would suffocate quickly, and then after 5 hours, they became frozen under the extreme conditions. The earth gets these cold spots, cold spots hit warm spots, causes it to rain, rains 40 days and 40 nights. The canopy collapses due to pressure, weight, magnetic flux due to the meteor. The world is flooded.

After 40 days and 40 nights, the mountains rise, while the valleys sink. The waters rushing to the valleys cause erosion. Huge canyons form, mountains rise, soft rock bend and form rippled.

Walt Brown Hydroplate Theory

On our planet we can see many characteristics that can be explained by a worldwide flood. By water erupting from subterranean chambers equal to the energy release of billions of hydrogen bombs. The explanation shows how rapidly major mountains form, coal and oil deposits, rapid continental rift, why on the ocean floor there's huge trenches and hundreds of canyons and volcanoes. It explains layered strata and fossils, frozen mammoths, the so-called ice ages, and huge canyons (especially grand canyon).

Pre-flood earth probably had only one large super continent covered with seas and vegetation. It had lots of sub terrain water, probably half of what's in our oceans. This water was contained in interconnected chambers, forming a thin spherical shell about half a mile thick, perhaps 10miles below the surface. Increasing pressure in the subterranean waters, stretched the crush (similar to a balloon). Failure in the crust created a crack that spanned over the entire planet without hours. The subterranean water grew in pressure because of the 10miles depth of rock pressing down on it. The water exploded from the crack. It jetted supersonically almost 20miles into the atmosphere. The spray from this cause torrential rain such as the earth as ever experienced before or after. The bible states that all the fountains of the great deep burst open in one day. Some of the water jetting high above the cool stratosphere froze into super cool ice crystals and produced some massive ice dumps, burying, suffocating, and instantly freezing many animals including the mammoths of siberia and Alaska.

The High pressure fountains eroded the rock on both sides of the rock producing huge volumes of sediments that settle out of this muddy water all around the earth. These sediments trapped and buried plants and animals forming the fossil record. This erosion widened the rupture eventually the width was so great the compressed rock that was beneath the subterranean chamber sprung upward giving birth to the mid atlantic ridge that wraps around the earth like the scheme of a baseball.

The continental plates, the hydro plates, still with lubricating water beneath them, slid downhill away from the rising mid atlantic ridge. After the massive slowly accelerating plates reached speeds of about 35 miles per hour, they ran into resistance. It compressed, and buckled. The portions that buckled down created trenches, those that buckled up formed mountains. This is why the major mountain chains are parallel to the oceanic ridges of witch they slid. The hydro plates in sliding away from the oceanic ridges opened up very deep ocean basins into which the flood waters retreated. In the continents each bowl shaped depression or basin was naturally left to bring forth water producing many post flood lakes.