Event Features

Got an event coming up and want some fun creation adventure to spice it up? CAVE is here to help! Here are some key features you can expect from CAVE if booked for your next special event. Feature limitations may be in effect due to lot limitations. Please be advised that features such as the Bounce House and Dinosaur Throw require some extended space. Contact Us for further details.

Noah's Ark Bounce House

Let the kids bounce and tumble to their heart content as the have fun in our very own Bounce House. An inflated Ark filled with the creatures who God commanded be brought with Noah and his family to escape the judgement of the flood.

God commanded Noah to bring 2 of every Kind to the Ark. People mistake that this did not included the dinosaurs which, as babies, could easily fit comfortly on the Ark. Though the trip itself may not have been as fun as this bounce house, we hope you'll enjoy it all the same. Don't forget to get your "I survived the flood" card afterwards!!

Sara The Dinosaur

Sara is the life like triceratops that anyone can come to love and enjoy. She eats, dances, speaks, and plays tunes. Just be gentle with her, as she's still a baby dinosaur.

Being a rare dinosaur these days, we keep her safe in a custom made cage to fit her, and her tail inside. People are welcome to feed and pet her. Just be aware, she may fall sleep sometimes.

Noah's Ark Model

This work of art is a small scale model of the Ark as we can perceive it. It's a multi layered Ark with animals, jars, and cages. See the link for "CAVE Ark" on the left for more details.

Dinosaur Skeleton Models

Lively to sight, these skeleton models are great additions to the environment to the event. While not a replica skeletal structure of the dinosaurs they mimic, they are tall, ferocious, and a sight to see.

Fossil Rubs

While many fossils of the world are left to the scientists to discover, the kids (and adults) are welcome to come discover the fossil rubs from our displays. Also are welcome to take their hand made rubs home with them.

Discussion Display

This wall of information is a spectical to see for anyone. Offering key tidbits to the Creation Versus Evolution conversation. We welcome anyone to ask questions and discuss any of these points with our CAVE members.

Dinosaur Throw

This colorful board features target throw fun and picture taking with friendly dinosaur illustrations. So if a challenge is in the heart of a marksman, or you want a photo for an album, come visit the Dinosaur Throw.

Fossil Display

Our fossil display features many fossil replicas ranging from teeth, bones, and prints.

From a tooth to a dinosaur, rock engravings featuring modern day dinosaurs with man, fossilized hammers, it's all here.

The best part is, it all falls into the 6000 year earth, biblical truth, and we offer all the answers to those who seek it. When this display is up, come drop in and find a CAVE member!


We also seek to entertain. During each event we play music over loud speaker. When it comes time, we provide group song and dance that will bring smiles to your faces.

Our music is family friendly, inspirational, and full of fun. Worship, dance, or just enjoy. We provide the tunes!

Teaching Videos

CAVE offers many teaching service videos. Where did we come from? Where are we going? Where are the dinosaurs? How was the world formed? Where is the signs of the flood? These questions and many more answered by CAVE members and these videos. We hope you will ask, as we are happy to answer.

Adam's Timeline Book

Adam being the first human has a family tree that is matched by everyone. The timeline book covers his life cycle and the blood line described by the bible.