Living Dinosaurs

Likouala Swamps

In the bible, Job 40:21, it states "He (behemoth/dinosaur) lieth under the shady trees, in the covert of the reed and fens (swamp)." Here it states that the behemoth which is a dinosaur, lived in the swamps. The biggest swamp in the world is the Likouala swamp in Congo and Zaire. It's 55,000 square miles. It's 80% unexplored. It's the size of Florida. In the 1700 some missionaries went into the swamps and came back reporting dinosaurs being alive there. In 1910, another article arose when a group had stated they seen dinosaurs in Likouala.

In 1980 a group went into the Likouala Swamps. They said it was the most miserable swamp in the world. Mosquitoes landed on them at a rate of 1,000 per hour. Battle of Mosquitoes, poisonous snakes, poisonous spiders, every critter you could imagine.

Roy Maquel from University of Chicago and a group went to the swamp. The natives spoke to them about a creature named Mahamba. They showed the natives a picture of a crocodile. The natives agreed that it was a crocodile, however the paced it to be 50 feet. They also spoke of a creature named Mokele-Mbembe, they sketched it and it looked just like a Apatosaurus. They said it is as big as 20 feet nose to tail. They claimed they are very rare to see, and nocturnal. They said it's favorite food was a Malombo plant.

Other Sightings

A well known South African big game hunter Mr.F.Gobler returned from a trip to Angola and announced to the newspapers in Capetown that there was a creature of large dimensions with a description that can only fit a dinosaur dwelling in the Dilolo Swamps. Natives called it 'chipekwe.' It has the head and tail of a lizard.

An Apatosaurus has been cited in central South America along with very large footprints of where he has been. They again seem to be a very swampy living type of dinosaur.

A pterodactyl type of bird flies in northern south America and in central Africa. He has been known to actually pick up pygmies and topple boats in the river. They call him the "big bat" but Americans say he is extinct.

What is known as the Loch Ness monster has been cited over 9000 times with over 3000 being publicly annotated, is it possible they are all lying or has somebody seen something? A logical explanation would be a plesiosaurus.

On Lake Erie a bait shop owner and taxidermist found a very unique animal washed up on shore. He stuffed it and it is still on display in Texas. It certainly resembles a baby plesiosaurus.

Many remains of dinosaur looking creature have washed up on shores around the world which scientists try to explain away as whales or basking sharks. But have you ever seen a whale or shark with a 20' neck? I don't think so-but then again how would they explain a plesiosaurus still living?

A 42 year veteran missionary, Eugene Thomas, had met many pigmies that knew about the Mokole-Mbembe. He had 2 pygmies in his church in Congo claimed to have killed one.

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