Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang theory is one of the most unproved and simply silly theories scientists have ever held onto. It has never been observed or tested and nobody was there to see it. How can this be science-in fact it is a religion!

2 Laws of Thermodynamics conflict the Big Bang

1 The 1st law of thermodynamics says that "matter and or energy can not be created or destroyed." So where did everything come from in the Big Bang and what made it start spinning?

2 The 2nd law of thermodynamics says "everything is tending towards disorder." But evolution says everything is getting better and evolving into a better system and creation. The fact is that NOTHING is getting better and this law is observed in day to day life as everything is getting worse in this world to include morals, chaos, and destruction of everything.

Conservation of Angular Momentum

Conservation of Angular Momentum shows that if something is spinning, if it releases objects or energy from it, it will spin in the same direction. The sun only takes 2% of the momentum, while we turn faster than the sun. Venus, Uranus, and possibly Pluto rotate opposite from the other planets.

8 of the 91 moons rotate backwards. Jupiter Saturn, and Neptune have moons that go both directions. Many galaxies spin in different directions. Matter would be evenly distributed, instead it's lumpy. There's cluster starts and great voids.

Energy Destroys

Evolutionists assume that adding energy (open system) will overcome the 2nd law of thermodynamics.

1.The universe is a closed system.

2. Adding energy is destructive without a complex mechanism to harness the energy.

When a town is bombed, it doesn't create order, just destruction. The energy from the sun itself destroys everything in it's path. Roofs, paint, skin, ect. Energy does not create order, only disorder and destruction. Only a complex molecule called chlorophyll can harness the sun's energy. One leaf cell is more complex than a city. God created this to show his power and awesomeness. We still to this day are trying to figure out how a chlorophyll ticks and to recreate it.

Creation of Elements

One of the biggest problems with the Big Bang Theory is the creation of matter itself. It relies on the notion of something from nothing. The elements of the world just cannot create themselves from an explosion of nothing. They claim Hydrogen and Helium was created, but that doesn't scratch the surface of the elemental chart.

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