The Age of the World

Science today teaches our children and we have been taught all our lives that this earth is "billions of years old." We must ask "were you there?" Of course they weren't and have no way to prove it. The Bible teaches us something very different-this earth is a very young earth, about 6000 years old.

Limiting Factor

If you went scuba diving in the ocean and found a sunken ship filled with treasure, it's safe to say by checking the dates of the coins you could figure the ship sunk after the latest date. This is the idea of Limiting Factor. It couldn't have sunk before the coins were minted. It's the same with the age of the earth. The facts limit it's age.

By adding up the dates in the bible, it will come out to roughly 4000 BC for creation. That puts us at little over 6000 years old.

Looking at the world population, if you break it down the rate of population from today, back around 4400 years ago, it would bring the population to a halt, around the point of the flood (8 survivors). If you understand creation, 8 people could multiply to 5-6 billion in a few thousand years. If you believed we have been here for 3 million years (like non-creationists), you'd have a population of 150,000 people per square inch.

Earth's magnetic strength has declined 10% in the last 150 years. It cannot be billions of years old. Rather 25,000 years max. That is because if you reversed the time, it would generate so much pull he heat generated would be unable to sustain life. This also shows carbon dating is false.

Pangaea Lie: Some claim life thrived from a central point millions of years ago. That all the continents fit together as one continent. However, Africa was shrunk almost by half. As well as the dirt beneath the ocean water would prevent shifting continents.

Earth Slowing Down: The earth's rotation is slowing down. Causing the need for a Leap Second each year. This means in reverse, the world used to spin faster. 6000 years ago, this wouldn't be noticeable. If the world was billions of years old, the spin would send all life flying into space.

Oldest tree is aged at 4000 years old. Most trees grow more than 1 ring per year.

At the current erosion rate that has been observed, the earth should be a flat planet if it was truly billions of years old.

Age of Galaxy

Galaxies have tails that stretch out from their center. Stars moving slower than the starts towards it's center. If the galaxy was billions of years old, they would be skewed beyond recognition.

Astronomers have observed that ABOUT every 30 years a star explodes into a super nova. If the universe is billions of years old, then how come there are less than 300 super novas (not even 10,000 years worth). There should be hundreds of millions.

Some claim stars take billions of years to go from a red star to a white star. However, Egyptian hieroglyphs from 2000 BC describe Sirius as Red. Cicero in 50BC stated Sirius was red. Seneca described Sirius as being redder than Mars. Ptolemy listed Sirius as one of six red stars in 150 AD. Today, it is a white Star-binary.

The moon orbiting the earth is moving further and further away. 3 inches a year. That means it used to be closer. The moon causes the tides, so this is a problem. 1.2 million years ago, the moon would be hovering over he surface of the earth.

Comets are constantly losing material and have a life span of 10,000 years. If the galaxy was billions of years old, there wouldn't be any comets.

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