Animals Defying Evolution


His heart can be up to 22" long.

He would burst his brain without special design.

He has a system of valves up and down his neck to shut off the flow of blood as he lowers his head.

A sponge located under the brain absorbs the remainder of the blood as he lowers is head.

The sponge releases and the valves open in a systematic manner as he raises his head.

This could not have evolved, but had to be all designed and created at the same time to make everything work together.

Bombardier Beetle-

Shoots fire from under his body for defense.

He combines 2 chemicals in his body to produce the explosion.

The mixture is blown out of 2 twin tail tubes.

The tubes can be aimed in a 180 degree arc for pinpoint accuracy.

If he evolved the mixture would have blown up in his body or the tubes could have hit himself.


Between his beak and head is a cartilage shock absorber.

If he opened his eyes when pecking he would blow his eyes out of the socket.

Between each pec, he open his eyes, aims, and then closed his eyes to then peck.

His tongue is 6" long with a barb at the end to stab his food, and he has glue on the tongue to hold food in place.

As he brings the food into his mouth a solvent dissolves the glue so his beak isn't glued together.

Absolutely impossible to have evolved this way as each piece has to work in perfect harmony for the woodpecker to survive and eat. This design was done beautifully and perfectly.