Noah's Ark

Whether you look at the Bible as Gods Word or just a history book, the flood and Noah's ark happened. Many had the chance to be save in Noah's time, but no one took advantage. God is calling many today, have you responded to Him?

1. Dinosaurs lived with Adam and would have definitely been here for the flood.

2. Noah was very old and very smart, he therefore knew not to take grown dinosaurs but to take babies (of everything) on board.

3. Remains of what is assumed to be Noah's ark have been found below Mt. Ararat measuring extremely close to the Biblical measurements.

4. Iron rivets and Drogue stones have been found very near to this place. Drogue stomes were used in times of old to stabilize large ships and sea going vessels.

5. Very defined lines of iron have been detected inside the structure.

6. The ark has been calculated to have been big enough for all of the animals and had plenty of room left over


1. Bones found today we know two things about them-they died, and if they died they were alive at one time. If alive, then created. God created the animals on day 6 so dinosaurs lived with Adam.

2. Stories from different cultures of history have always had dinosaurs with the people.

3. A recent discovery found a dinosaur (T-Rex) bone with blood still inside of it showing it couldn't possibly be millions of years old.

4. Since the earth is not millions of years old, how is it possible dinosaurs are?

5. In fact dinosaurs have always been with man-and may still be!

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